Tuesday, November 11, 2003

48 hours
Landed at Laguardia Airport Sunday afternoon. Spent the following hour in a cab ride from hell - NEVER get in a cab with a middle-aged white driver. Maybe that sounds bigoted, but these guys always think they know better than you. I've been taking the same simple route from the airport to the lower east side for 2 decades, but somehow he thought I'd enjoy a tour of the Neighborhoods of Queens. Not to mention the underside of the 59th St. Bridge, the slow lane on the FDR, etc. Then, we pull up to my apartment building, and the safety belt won't unbuckle. As I'm struggling, the meter is running until I alert Ace in the front seat that I need assistance. He climbs in the back seat with me, and starts jabbing in the direction of my crotch with his penknife. Nice.

Later that evening, some very good pals of mine stop by. I was in a panic the previous week about being away from home for a whole 4 days, and one of the reasons was I was gonna miss a fundraiser called Porn Again 4 - which I've gone to the past 2 years and loaded up on bagfuls of videos. Through several very detailed emails and a few phone calls, plus promises of reimbursement for all expenses, they nabbed about 40 tapes for me; much less than previous years, but they did a good job. Now that I have guys working for me to collect porn, am I an official Porn Mogul now?

Later Sunday night I strolled over to the local sexclub, and after about 20 minutes of checking out the slim pickings, I rested my face in a big guy's crotch. He seemed pleased. I'm not usually that aggressive, but I kinda go with the theory that it's always good to do a little warm-up exercise; and for some reason (it works on me, too) seeing someone actually engaged in sex as opposed to just pacing around the 2 floors make him look much sexier. His faster moaning and forceful hand on the back of my head, pushing my face into his balls led me to believe someone good was cumming. He giggled and winced as I tried kissing various tender parts around the mess he had made. A bit later, another bigguy was in the darkroom in back, but I had had a chance to check out his ass earlier, which was very muscular and hard. It took a while to get into the corner he seemed to be hiding in, but after feasting on his cock, nipples, balls, and armpits, I managed to squeeze my face up behind his balls to taste a very recently worked-out ass. His legs were solid as well, and a bit later, as he did the "I'm gonna cum" pulling out of my mouth motion, I rubbed his big hard belly as he shot all over me. We were both very happy with that. Much much later, 2 really hot guys were at it near me, very Hairy TitanMedia looking, both with trimmed full beards. I watched from a safe distance (close enough to see, far enough not to interfere or ruin their mood). But they never really got going - it was as if still pics of them would have been very sexy, but an actual video of them would have shown disinterest, boredom, and inability to stay focused. Later in the basement, the cuter of the two slowly approached as I was watching some other guys go at it, rubbed my balls for a few seconds, then retreated. When I reached under his leathered up balls, they felt nice but lube-ey. Moving up to his cock, it was classic Noodle Dick. Elongated and limp, obviously too much of whatever drug he was doing, and he just sorta looked around the room as if studying the decor. Enuf of that, I went back upstairs, realized it was late for a Sunday there, and left before depression set in.

Watched one or two of the videos my pals had bought on my behalf, slept late, and Monday spent a small amount of time sorting thru the vids, then posting a couple (feel free to check out the auctions) on eBay. Got a huge headache, then did the 6 hour work thing. Highlight was the guy popping in around 9:30 for his take-out, a man I'm developing a bit of a crush on (nothing I'll act on, but he seems to dig his weekly few seconds of interaction with me, as well). Couldn't get to sleep last night, watched a few more on the videos - one called Nights of Submission looks like mid 70's, and I can't find ANY info on it! Blah blah blah, and here it is, time for work again (can't tell if the headache is from too much caffeine, too much webtime, or anticipating being at work).

Still absorbing the wedding/family weekend. It was fine - nothing fantastic, nothing horrible; but glad I went. Still pondering all the bigscareystuff about family relations, my future, men, boyfriends (or lake of, I should say), etc. I promise to have some pretty pictures up tomorrow (yes, cock pics of butch, hot, macho men).