Tuesday, November 25, 2003

The other night I was inspired to pull out my 8

mm film projector and check out one of the EL PASO WRECKING CORP reels I bought a few months back on eBay. I had watched reel #1 way back when, but was somewhat disappointed because it left out the "homophobic" scene (where the homophobe gets thrown thru a plate glass window). But I figured they must have made these silent 8mm with just the sex, and no point wasting footage on dialogue and storyline (as there is no sound). But a few weeks back, a gentleman wrote me wondering if I had any idea how to get a "complete" El Paso - and many of you know I've wrote extensively about the missing pieces from the DVD and latter VHS versions; but this guy was talking about a watersports scene! I had heard that there was one, but apparently those scenes never made it to the commerical videotapes (I found this out from a guy running a film festival, who got Joe Gage to lend his personal copy of the film, plus appear).

And before you get all excited, NO there is no watersports scene in the 8mm that I have. But the guy asking did send me a great B&W still featuring the two from that scene - The Gardener and The Rug Man - hot bearded redhead Lou Davis and another hairy beauty, Guillermo Ricardo. I really didn't think the scene could work without sound, but I was so friggin' turned on watching that scene in the tiny frame on my bedroom wall! If there was a hairy ass anywhere in sight, believe me, it would've gotten plowed (this from an avowed oral bottom). Do you think the chinka chinka chink sound of the projector added - the sort of "this is naughty" feel?

Anyway, Sunday, while posting auctions, I remembered that I had this stray STR8 8mm, and figured as long as the projector was lying on the floor (occasionally getting kicked in this tiny space) I might as well check the film out. SO FUNNY! Late 70's, THE VIXEN - some chick is trying to make you think she's in a castle by staring blankly at a shiney chandelier; then the 2 gardeners come in, and since there's no sound, there's no jazzy music to let you know the action is about to start. But it's got subtitles! "You are so hot" "Let's sit on the couch" --- really imaginative stuff like that. So I'm continuing to work on my auctions as the projector is rolling, so I can make sure the film works OK. I look over at one point and this tongue is in this really weird place I've never seen, and then EWWWWWW I had to run out of the room! Jeez! When I came back, the young lady had jizm on her cheeck, then the subtitle "The End." Hope someone buys it and takes it out of my house.