Sunday, November 23, 2003

I was home Friday night, wondering if that couple might call. Well, one of them said they'd be downtown for some sort of fundraiser, but hell, they ain't gonna be carrying around my phone number, right? So I figured if I stayed home, I'd just get hornier and grumpier, and I knew that despite my misgivings about going out to localsexclub, it seemed like the right choice. I mean, after having such great sex with those boys last Friday night, it kinda spoiled me (hence me staying in on my usual Sunday night last week) - I knew it would be near impossible to come close to the fun I had that night. Having spoken twice on the phone with those guys, and no definite plans for getting together, I knew holding my breath would only do one thing - kill me. I looked through my emails, and saw it was one of those "specialty nights" - where some sexgroup or another has their party - and it seemed there'd be a bigger crowd. This one encouraged "fetish gear" and forbid white briefs and sneakers (now we're talking) - and I thought, hmmmm, haven't worn those leather pants out in awhile.

Now, if you go out to a sexclub in leather pants and don't have good sex, you need therapy. Fortunately for me and my nonexistent health insurance coverage, I won't be needing to see a therapist (well, not for that reason, anyway). I have to say, it was a fun night. I thought more guys would be "dressed up" but alas, I saw only 3 or 4 other guys with chaps or leather pants (and it made me laugh to myself that these guys in that gear who would never check me out otherwise, were) - most guys were in the usual jockstraps, some leather jockstraps, or completely butt naked. So I really dug walking around being one of the few guys with clothes on. And I was there for less than 10 minutes, and some guy gives me the biggest sweet smile, so of course I have to check him out. Turns out to be this nice guy I slobbered over a few months back, and we immediately started making out. He had some NYPD jockstrap - which normally would be a turnoff (you all know that cops don't wear those things, right?) - but his mustache felt pretty good on my face, and then held down up under my balls, that I didn't give it a second thought. Oddly enough, while it was real fun, at one point, we're both all sweaty, he whispers into my ear "Man, you made me cum twice - first when I was rimming you, and now while you're face was in my ass." Man, I hate when they cum and you don't even realize it! Kinda the downside of buttmunching, seems to really push a lot of guys over the edge, but then your eyes are blocked from seeing him shoot, goshdarnit.

We had a few minutes of petting and stroking, which was good, then we said our goodbyes. After I came out of the bathroom, I see this guy on the floor talking to himself, tying and uniting some ropes; I didn't think much of it at first, as I've seen guys do a bit of that here before. But later, walking by again, I could see he had this huge long leather bodega of sorts - ooh, someone was going in there! I ventured down to the basement, watched some guys diddling for a while, tasted some guy's cock for quite a while, but he didn't want to cum just yet, so we took a break. Back upstairs, the bodybag (don;t ask me if that's the right word, it probably isn't) had a body in it. I moved around the corner, and could hear the guy asking "are you OK in there?" and other questions like that, as he started something that was making all this noise. Now mind you, I don't wear my glasses in this place, and it does have "mood lighting" (i.e. dark), so I rely on either getting close, or relying on my ears. FLUMP, flump, flump - what the hell is that? It sounded like a bicycle pump, but why the hell is he pumping air into the body bag? A few moments later, curiosity got to me, so I walk by real close, and saw that it was taking air out, and the leather (maybe it's vinyl?) was like schlirping tightly around this guy's body. Woah. I know I've seen this, but it was always like one of those pornformances on a stage. Moving back to one of the cell-like areas, suddenly I hear "GRpmf my foot gmffhmpd doesn't mffled glrp tighter gmfpsf" - and this guy next to me gets the giggles, and of course, so do I! The garbled words keep coming out, but in a rather calm, nonchalant way, and eventually you can figure out that the guy's OK, just not comfortable. But I can't stand there giggling like a silly teenager, and being next to this other giggler isn't helping, so I leave this room, and start to go into this other room.

At the entrance to that room two guys are standing and talking, and this guy with a thick thick mustache says in the thickest Longg Eye-land accent "I just can't wrap my mind around this, doing this thing here, it's just so strange; at home, Shoe-rah, but hee-ah?" And I have to run into one of the bathrooms to stifle my laughter.

Sometime later, the guy who needed the break is getting all goo-goo eyes at me (he wasn't doing that before!), and he DOES have a nice cock, so I maneuver my body enough to show interest without going over to him. He moves a bit closer, getting harder, and well, why am I being so coy - slurp slurp garblegobble - as he holds the back of my neck, then I push my face under his balls and he's moaning and I can't help but reach back a bit further with my tongue and his legs are kinda shaking with weakness as I suddenly plunge my face in and he shudders and after only a few seconds more, he pulls away, smiling slyly. He pulls me up, and asks "Are you OK?" I sorta smile but don't know what he's getting at, he asks again, so I tell him I'm fine, he kisses me lightly and walks away. I stand up fully, pull my pants back up from down around my ankles, leaving a few snaps unsnapped, and lean against a wall. I start to check out the other guys in the room, but realize my face is kinda sweaty. As I start to wipe the sweat, I realize, fuck, that's not sweat, that's cum, and I didn't even realize he shot on the side of my head while I was blinded with my face in his ass! Geez!