Thursday, November 20, 2003

Sex is a funny thing. At least for me, it's a big motivating factor in many things I do. Like finally replacing that broken answering machine. It's been about 2 months, and not having the blinking red light with some cut-off message from someone trying to refinance my student loans or telling me about my all-paid free vacation to Florida wasn't something I missed at all. My close friends pretty much know if I'm not at work, I'm home on the computer, and email is the fastest way to reach me. But then, Friday night, those two boys who took me up to that crow's nest sorta spot at the sexclub gave me their phone number as we were dressing and getting ready to leave. They thought it was "charming" that I didn't have an answering machine. But those boys really turned me on, and when I called them on Sunday (less than 48-hours later, I know, but the "call-back rules" don't really apply after age 40) and they seemed so genuinely happy to talk, fill my head with a few more compliments, etc., I knew I had to get a machine. The hairy buttboy promised he'd call back Monday afternoon (but didn't) so I went to the local Kmart Tuesday and got the 13 dollar machine. Of course, I didn't install it. But HairyButtBoy called Wednesday afternoon, mentioned he'd tried to reach me Monday night, but couldn't leave a message, so I told him I'd get the machine installed later ("Installed?" he asked. "Don't you just have to plug it in?" - well, no! you have to pick out just the right 10 seconds of music, make sure it sounds just right, not to mention find an available outlet in this tiny room with 84 electrical gadgets, then find a spot to put the machine - it gets very complicated...).

So, yesterday afternoon, just before leaving for work, I recorded a few seconds from Bjork's So Broken, and left. Coming home, of course no messages. But early this morning, I hear the machine click on, Bjork's voice, then a nice lady explaining how she can help me with my credit card debts. I better get a date out of this machine soon, or it's getting unplugged.