Monday, November 03, 2003

One two three go!
Don't ya hate it when one of your neighbors discovers some goofy pop song, and plays it over and over and over again in to the friggin' ground? Well, if you're one of my neighbors, I apologize for playing Hey Ya about 20 times today. But last night, flipping the channels from C-Span to SNL (I have very exciting Saturday nights, what can I say?), I thought I was watching a skit at first. This silly, whacky guy bopping around the stage, with about 6 dancers doing their own silly dances behind and around him. But it was a really catchy, infectious song, and I found myself giggling and laughing while tapping my feet. Of course I did the old search-and-download last night, and then just a short while ago, it was blasting at The Cock, with all sorts of goofy fun people enjoying it.

Given the mood I've been in lately (serious, man, I was like fuckin' crying listening to I Want A Cookie earlier today) it was a great temporary mood-changer. I need more of that. I have this trip to Chicago this weekend that I am not exactly looking forward to, for several reasons. I tried to jot down some of my thoughts on it, but it just got me more uptight, so I left the apartment at around 2 a.m., and had a couple beers. Nearing 5 a.m. now, I think it's time for a cookie, and some sleep.