Monday, February 02, 2004

......... still obsessing about Friday's Limon decision. And I was just in the middle of trying to put into words something about why this bothers me so much, why this is so awful. But the luxury of worrying about the outside world stopped as I picked up the phone. No, nothing horrible. My roommate had told me over a week ago that he was moving out, he gave me plenty of notice (end of Feb). But the friend I had lined up to move in called and said he's got good news for himself - he's able to stay put where he is. I was not only looking forward to the fun of living together with someone I like and know I'd get along with, but I was also so happy about not having to go through the awful advertising, interviewing, cleaning, preparing, etc., for a new person in my home. Ugh. Double fucking ugh.

I hope someone will clean up the mess when my head explodes.