Tuesday, February 17, 2004

This is really freaky. I finally got my head eyes examined earlier today, and this thing they do to dilate your eyes and check deep for problems has really f@cked me up. They warned about blurry vision for a few hours, and good thing I knew not to ride my bike. Still, it's very disorienting to get new glasses and see really clearly 10+ feet away, but not within arms length.

I woke up very depressed this morning, had to get out of the house early (by 9a.m.), and as I was getting ready, thought - "what if this depression doesn't lift by Spring?" - I mean, its ok to be bummed out for a few months in the winter when its too cold to be social and get out much; but it would be a real shame to not be able to shake this by the time the trees are budding, the days are getting longer, and the boys are wearing less clothing. grrrrr.