Thursday, February 19, 2004

MMMMmmm - like my new roommate? I wish! And I know by typing this I jinx it, but the one who was here this afternoon was really cute - good thing he mentioned his boyfriend, and I liked him enough to want him for a roommate, so I didn't spoil it by drooling, or lunging for his crotch. Let's keep our fingers crossed, and our minds out of the gutter, for this one.

In other news, my arms, shoulders, back and neck are sooooooo sore, thanks to these two men - Rob and Barry - no, not what you think - they're both taken, and I'm celibate in 2004, remember? No, each of these guys emailed me in the last couple days telling me to check out this shop that had a special on vintage gay pornbooks and mags. I really didn't think I'd go, knowing I had no money (or room) to add to my coolection, and figuring re-selling is tough when buying retail in New York - but the clincher was when Rob mentioned that his bf got him the Colt Gallery magazine featuring one of my alltime faves - Bruno. Even knowing any "good stuff" like that would've been snatched up, I figured it was worth a look. Once I got there, at first glance it was a bit disappointing, until I started really digging in and found a few titles I've wanted to own, and a couple that I figured I could at least make my money back on eBay. I approached the desk, asked for prices, and then asked if I'd get a "deal" if I bought, say, more than 10. Next thing I know, I've got 14 books, and the guy's like "why don't you take the whole bunch of 'em?" - he tried doing some quick math, then started counting books, I hemmed and hawed, figuring what do I have in the bank, how do I get home??

Ever try carrying two boxes of paperbacks and magazines 2-1/2 blocks, then down a flight of stairs into the subway, then back up two subway flights back once back in your neighborhood, hail a cab, then walk up 4 flights to your overcrowded apartment? All I can say is I could really use a massage - and not one with 'release' at the end types - but a good, strong, pounding Russian (or Cuban - like Bruno) type to beat the pain out of me.