Friday, February 20, 2004


"Hello - Joe?"

directed by: Joe Gage (1981)

Starring: Roy Garrett, J.D. Slater, Ron Clayton, Bill Geary, Robert West, Rick Youngblood, Joe Gage, and others not credited.

I'm sure when I say I love this film, you won't be surprised. But combining the seductive Man Parrish soundtrack and "vocal montages" from Rick L. Pollack (you can even hear some of Roy Garrett's erotic poetry in one or two scenes) with Gage's direction - it's one of those films that you can just hang out at home, smoke a joint, have a couple cans of beer, and whack away for an hour. Hell, you can even just play the audio and get off - another unique part of this film - utilizing the late 70's/early 80's phenomenon of "hot talk tapes" that you could buy in the back of magazines to augment this jerk-off party celebration. (An yes, I'm 99% sure that's Gage himself smoking a cigarette at the onset of this scene.)