Thursday, February 26, 2004

do the worm on accropolis
slamdance cosmopolis
enlighten the populace

It would take some sort of weird stretch to find some way to relate this song, these lyrics, to anything on my mind..... but what can I say? It's a cool song, and how can anyone not enjoy Allen Ginsberg's raspy voice?

In a seemingly unrelated note, I just accepted a deposit on my room share - so the painful search for a roommate is over - thank god. Sitting in my kitchen yesterday, it was fairly clear that he'd make a good roommate - nice guy, liked the place, personable, familiar with and loved the neighborhood. When discussing TV, internet, food-sharing, and the little things, he said about the cable TV being in my room - "ah, no big deal, I don't watch much TV - except...... I really must watch the Simpsons." Obviously, it was a sign.