Wednesday, February 18, 2004

I'm exhausted. I know I said I'd talk about my coffee date, but I was there for over an hour, then did some freelance work for a friend, then subwayed over to Brooklyn after two guys (sorry fellas, I'll add the linkage later - and thanks!) told me to check out a store that had some vintage periodicals. Let's just say I spent way more there than I earned working for my friend. And I'm still digesting a really nice chat with my favorite porn director (c'mon - do that math!). Plus I have to answer some emails and phone calls about the room for rent (why don't any possessionless gayboys want to live in a tiny room in a tiny Lower East Side apartment with a porn purveyor?) - and try to get this thing wrapped up this weekend. It's nearly 5pm, and I haven't even eaten yet!