Tuesday, April 06, 2004

angry. frustrated. confused
Listing the top 10 files by the number of failed requests, sorted by the number of failed requests.
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5338: /blog/EStryker02.JPG
5041: /movie/KillingMeSoftly.wmv
3821: /blog/michael_phillip02.JPG
3738: /blog/Gaydar3.jpg

Around 6 this morning, I happen to be up - awake probably because I ate too much food just prior to falling asleep at 2. So I go to check my webstats (which I do nearly daily, but rarely at such an ungodly hour) and find this awful news - some godawful site had been hotlinking to my site's images (here and here). Worse yet (much, much much worse), they linked directly to one of my video pages. Scrolling down my stats page, I see that this cost me 1/2 month's bandwidth allowance, in less than one day! Worse, it's the end of my billing month tomorrow, so this puts me way over (way, way way over), and will cost me. And it gets worse. Those stats were as of midnight last night, I discovered the problem at 6 a.m., and while trying to delete the files they linked to, my computer froze, and crashed. Took ne hours to get it back up and operatling again. Oddly enough, the images shouldn't have been able to be hotlinked, as I had those htaccess files uploaded to my site. I mean, 5000 "failed requests" for Eric Stryker's face pic shows it must've been working fine up until yesterday. But perhaps the huge onslaught f*cked things up. Now I can't even get the 'htaccess files" uploaded properly again.

This is very discouraging - these huge websites that can't come up with their own content and host their own images? This sucks.

They suck.