Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nicknyc8184 [11:39 AM]: hi whats going on? 19 on east 10th and broadway lookin for a geneorus guy 6'2'' 225 lbs average build attractive 8 inches thick cut hairy legs, crack, and stomache br br top here horny as hell need to travel now interested?

generous, like, not pointing out that his run-on sentence irriates the crap out of me, or generous like not mentioning that I prefer my whores to at least be old enough to drink legally.....?

Or should i just play dumb and engage him in conversation, keeping him away from his trade, asking questions like

  • Do you accept PAYPAL?,
  • or I'm not 6'2" but if i pay extra, will you still sleep with me?
  • or Last month when you messaged me, you just needed to pay rent, which of course I told you then I couldn't afford to pay the rent of a young man living in a swanky Greenwich Village apartment - have you considered getting a roommate, or moving to a smaller place, and then you wouldn't need to do this every month, bothering complete strangers on line with these soliciations, violating several state and federal laws, not to mention displaying your complete lack of the most rudimentary sense of decorum?