Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Lest one think I prefer cuddling on a comfy couch with a hot hairy man, watching The Simpsons and eating Two Boots pizza, here's some more from that Friday at the local sex club. (But we do have tentative plans for later in the week.)

So after kissing the two boys goodbye (they asked if I was leaving, but I've done the leave with them, chat outside, then go home alone routine...), I cleaned up a bit in the nearest bathroom. Walked around a bit, enjoying the vibe of the place, then parked my self and watched some guys going at it. Soon I realized the big-dicked Hispanic man was someone I'd goofed around with before, so I got closer, and realized it was my KneelingBoy blowing him, so I got even closer, and GoateedHispanicMan grabbed my face and started kissing. KneelingBoy seemed to like this, slurped my dick for a few seconds, returned to GoateedHispanicMan, and so I bent over to help out. But after only about a minute or two, he pulled away, his cock flopping around, and walked away. I've seen him do this before, and I know he doesn't like to come too fast, so I didn't take it personally. KneelingBoy seemed a bit disappointed, but smiled and got up, walking away.

I stayed in the same vicinity, GoateedHispanicMan returned, spotted me, and started slurping on my cock. Only briefly, which was fine, as he kisses much better than he sucks, so I was happy to have his face in mine. Then I got down, even up under his balls, which seemed to really get him going as he was moaning and groaning, pushed my head in, then suddenly pulled it away. He smiled, slowly turned toward some other guys. Not sure if I was supposed to follow, I just stood, watched, then walked into the dark room in back. Back there, I spotted this beautiful man I'd seen before, and even slurped, but there were 2 or 3 guys already grabbing and poking at him. I just stood nearby, watching.

Minutes later, KneelingBoy comes up, plants himself in front of me, and looks up like a lost puppy. OK, Ok, I thought, have some. Garblegarbleslurpgarble, his own cock was getting very hard. I pushed his head in further, then pulled it out suddenly and gave him a wet, hard kiss. Then he started chanting - cumdownmythroatdaddy, fillupmythroatdaddy, daddypleasegiveittome - in between slurps and licks. I wasn't about to do it, but it sounded appealing; I even lost myself for a bit fantasizing shooting all over his face, then lapping it all up and kissing him. But that's just fantasy. Meanwhile, the chants continued - daddypleasegiveittome fillupmythroatdaddy daddypleasedaddy - while I noticed a handsome man watching us. Stroking his dick, it was full and bouncy, and I made it known he should come over. I realized he was the guy who was watching earlier downstairs (Bench-sitting guy). Once he got close, I pulled KneelingBoy off me, and onto him. He was appropriately grateful, I gave him a few slurps, then he started to back away. Back to the stool he was on, he turned, butt-in-the-air, as if he wanted to get fucked. Not my thing, and definitely not KneelingBoy's, and he didn't stay in that position long. But again, sitting and stroking, watching the two of us. KneelingBoy is pleading by now, but I'm neither ready to cum, nor willing to do it the way he wants - still, his pleading is quite hot. StoolGuy is getting real hard, real sweaty, so I manage to reach over and grab both his balls in one hand, while still holding KneelingBoy's head with my other hand. Only a few more strokes, and he spooges all over himself, and my hand. Smiling, I wipe most of it on his glistening torso, the rest on my own, and reach over and give him a playful kiss. KneelingBoy gets up. He comes up to me, whispers "I just can't cum right now", I kiss him, and he walks away. I leave the room a few seconds later, get some water on my face, and mouthwash in my mouth, and pace around some more.