Sunday, April 18, 2004

This NPR story is better than most - HIV Cases Disrupt California's Porn Industry - but again, no mention of the gay porno industry. Last night my roommate came running into my room after hearing me screaming at my tv. CNN had an interview with Ron Jeremy about this isuue, and I just couldn't believe the stupidity and ignornace of the interviewer. After Jeremy explained that all the folks he works with go thru the same monthly testing procedure, after he explained somewhat vaguely but clearly enough that the climax is always "out of the body" she pays no attention to what he's just said, and reads one of her prepared sensationalistic 'questions' and says "So Ron, how can you risk death by walking onto that set?" Then he says something to the effect of "Well, this may be politically incorrect to say this, but quite frankly, the chances of a guy getting HIV from sex with a woman is much lower than the other way around." She smirks, and chastises him "Now Ron, you know that simply isn't true!" At this point I am screaming at the TV "NO STOOPID CNN LADY, IT is TRUE, and who the fuck put you on this story when you don't know what the fuck you are talking about!!??

You know, god forbid CNN treats this like a health issue and assigns someone with some medical or health-related background. No, it's part of the entertainment coverage, and we get an ugly porno star and a stoopid weekend anchor sandwiched between important updates on the winner of "The Apprentice", and a new version of "Spartacus."