Saturday, April 10, 2004


Some of you may remember that a few weeks back, I managed to snag 2 boxes and a backpack full of various vintage dirty books and magazines (I still owe Barry and Rob a beer, or something - wink, wink (as they shudder in fear, and their boyfriends laugh), in gratitude for telling me about the sale). Anyhoo, while sorting through all the books, and the periodicals, I put some stuff aside - either it wasn't in good enough shape to sell, it looked interesting enough to keep, or it looked like I ought to do some research before deciding to auction off. Well, I still don't know anything about the artist who did this groovy drawing, CAS, but I really dig his style, and his work is featured in one of the magazines I kept. There are a few other artists in the periodical - better known Tom of Finland, Etienne, and Quaintance; and lesser known Orsen, Cyril Jones, and Lowenhaupt; but the issue is dedicated primarily to this guy (I ass-ume he's a guy).

Physique Art Special A brochure of some of the best in recent phyique art by our resident artist CAS and guest artists. Published by Male Classics Limited, London. Printed in England by P.B. Studio Services. I just figured maybe I'd add this bit into Google and the other search engines, and maybe some day I can figure out more on this guy who did these cool drawings in this magazine from the 60's.