Thursday, September 16, 2004

California Republican Congressman David Dreier is Outed

OK, so maybe this isn't news to some folks; but watching this thing develop over the past few weeks has been fascinating, I must say. If you want to sift through his voting record on issues of gay/lesbian interset, check out Human Right's Campaign's page on Rep. Dreier; or, an easier translation of what those votes were about over here - "House Rules Chairman Does Not Call Himself Straight."

Remember back in February, when the press was reporting the Congressman's opposition to the Federal Marriage Amendment (FMA)? - please re-read what had been written at the time - Rep. David Dreier, R-Calif., a co-chairman of Bush's campaign in California in 2000, said he doesn't support a constitutional amendment. "I believe that this should go through the courts, and I think that we're at a point where it's not necessary," he said. - and then what happened? He votes to strip federal courts of jurisdiction over gay marriage!!!