Thursday, September 02, 2004

A couple of aspirin and a bit of coffee is all I can handle this morning. And of course the regular web-surfing for news and eBay surfing for porn-pics. It's a beautiful 75 degreee day in Manhattan, only a few clouds and of course the ever-present sound of helicopters in the sky. Oh, I found this op-ed piece very interesting - Schrock, shock - the last two paragraphs of particular note:

"And at this point, it's necessary to point out a part of Schrock's statement that is false. He said the "allegations" would "not allow my campaign to focus on the real issues facing our nation and region."

Beg your pardon, but America remains a place where far too many people feel they cannot be safe while also being open about their sexual orientation. A place where too often gays and lesbians are denied opportunities open to heterosexuals - or those who pretend to be heterosexuals. Regardless of Schrock's sexual orientation, it is this painful truth that lies at the heart of the disintegration of his political career. Regardless of Schrock's sexual orientation, in a better world he would have run a campaign that sought to make America a place where sexual orientation isn't a cause for fear or deception."