Wednesday, September 15, 2004

so lonely........ well, not even FRIENDS of mine could figure out the GMAIL address, so here goes: BJLAND then there's that AT symbol (@) then the GMAIL.COM. (that's for the porno clip suggestions) In other news, not hours after buying the first bottle of lube I've purchased in many years, the boy who I'd hoped would provide the condoms cautioned me that he wasn't ready for any sort of relationship right now. Still, he said f*cking is still likely in the near future. He might even have meant with me. Cross your fingers.

Still trying to find my way up to Provincetown for the week of Sept 27th. I have 4 days off from work, and some credit on the credit card. And a bus schedule to get to Boston (and I am clueless how to get from the bus terminal to the Ferry). From there, including a place to sleep, still up in the air. And apparently there's some sort of Leather-y weekend the day after I leave, which is fine. I really just want OCEAN, walks on the beach, and some time away from my teeny tiny space in NYC.