Wednesday, September 22, 2004

in other news...
as I stare at the phone and the internet, waiting to see if someone with an affordable room in provincetown returns my calls/emails, my roommate knocks on the door. Bags packed, driver waiting downstairs, he's outta here! Big hugs, and all that, despite him having a late night last night in NYC mini-party a 5am this morning which didn't help my sleeplessness.

WOO-HOO! OCTOBER IS MONTH-LONG SEX PARTY AT BJLAND. Just kidding. But, I did start to clean through what he left, and discovered that the air mattress he left isn't an air mattress, but a real mattress, which I might try out to replace my squishy, back-breaking futon. Plus, a seemingly comfy chair, a pile of American coinage which wouldn't do him much good back home, 3 porno tapes (The Road Home, an excellent HOT HOUSE release from the mid 90's, Big, Black & Beautiful with Bobby Blake who lives up to the title, and a lesser known, but funnily-titled (?) When Bottoms Go Wild with an enticing pic of Paul Carrigan taking full advantage of a sling); also some scarey hair cair products, about 4000 q-tips (what's with that?) and oooooh, one full and an additional almost-full bottle of tequilla, something called Jose Cuervo Especial, apparently they were hechoed en Mexico.

So, maybe it will be MONTH-LONG SEX PARTY AT BJLAND. Any takers?