Tuesday, September 07, 2004

compassionate conservative

In case you haven't seen/heard this - Young Republican Kicks Female Protester - "Watch this ABC news video of a young Republican supporter kicking a female protester inside Madison Square Garden as she was lying on the ground being held by three secret service agents. The protesters were arrested. The young Republican was not. A search is on for his identity. Have you seen him?" That was from the ACT UP demo last Wednesday morning.

And check out this interesting wrap-up of the protester's during Bush's acceptance speech Thursday night. Now of course, the guy kicking the protester is reprehensible (although not unexpected - and I don't mean that as a slam against Republicans, but more about the likelihood that someone in a group of YOUNG, enthusiastic political supporters would get out of hand); but I am glad to read that the two fathers of dead soldiers who protested (one during G Bush's speech, the other during Laura Bush's speech) were treated reasonably, and charges were actually not leveled against either of the two. Both men seem to have felt they were able to reach, at least on an emotional level, some of the delegates at the convention.