Tuesday, September 21, 2004


directed by: Ronnie Shark - aka Bill Harrison (1987)

Starring: Matt Christy - aka Franco Gonella, Cole Carpenter, Chad Douglas, Leigh Erickson, Grant Fagan, Chaz Holderman, Chad Johnson, Cory Monroe, Rod Phillips, Jim Reeves, Justin Rhodes, Jeff Turner, and Calvin Worth

This is part of one of my all-time favorite porno scenes, despite the many flaws of the movie itself (some wacky early video 'special effects', Jeff Turner has a beard at the beginning of his scene, then is down to short-cropped mustache once the sex begins; and the yucky dirty feet thing, which may be 'natural' but who wants to see dirty feet in a porno flick!) I could go on, but I'll spare ya. Of course it has many pluses - not the least of which is plenty of big big cock (director Shark - aka Bill Harrison, having one of the biggest in the business - see Wakefield Poole's Bijou - knows big cock) - like the 2 Chads + Chaz - who didn't get these 3 confused in the 80's? - and Matt Christy just has the best face to watch as he sucks cock, and he gets plenty in this movie.

Anyway, the premise of the movie is simple, our hero (why he's not on the box cover puzzles/pisses me), delicious Matt Christy - aka Franco Gonella (who also appears in Al Parker's Oversize Load and I think one of those Drummer Magazine videos) is scheduled to have a job interview, but his horniness and bad luck get in the way. When the morning alarm goes off, he is jerking off to a magazine (from director Shark's earlier, fantastic film, The Biggest One I Ever Saw), but then quickly hops in the shower, only to imagine another sex scene (some big thick cock down his throat as he kneels in the tub). Finally he gets out of the house, only to have his car break down. He gets picked up by box-cover model Jim Reeves (with the very 80's big hair) who we learn soon enough also has a beautiful cock for Matt to feast on. Matt falls asleep, and his dream is of course himself and Reeves exchanging blow jobs. During this, a cop appears at the window and just shoves his dick in, which Matt eagerly takes care of. This is where this particular clip begins. I just love the dreamy editing, the low-key music, the lack of any tacky, interfering dialogue, Matt's tie and jeans outfit, and mostly I am intrigued by just how much that gun-in-holster while getting sucked, rimmed, then fucked is a big big turn-on - disturbing in a way, but really does the job.