Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Brothers In Rhythm
Having gotten way 2 drunk 4 out of the previous 5 nights, what do you think I did last night? Got even drunker, came home and ate everything in sight and didn't get entirely out of bed until about 2:30ish. Ugh. Got a little bit of the blues late last night, that sort of WOW what a great few nights, oh, it's over feeling. But then drifted into a brief which thing was the most fun thing we did nostalgia and lightened up. I'm sort of stuck between two favorites:
  • three gayboys eating take-out dinner, howling, i mean HOWLING at the double episodes of The Simpsons Sunday Night
  • late Monday night/early Tuesday morning, after several beers at a local groovy bar on Avenue C, eating ice cream while I played a mini-miss kittin set for my buddy.

And speaking of cool music, here's the Garbage re-mix of Special I mentioned to Mr Chas during one of those drunken outings.