Wednesday, May 04, 2005


director: Alan Purnell (1982)

Starring: Morgan Winner (body-builder), COLT model Toby, Ross Sanderson, and Peter Moran (+ 3 others?)

background: an early '80's import from Britain, a rarity as that country made it difficult for adult films to be produced there. Originally released in the States on the GAGETAPE label; more recently on the inferior HIS Video label. The director was well-known still photographer, Alan Purnell (popular in European magazines, who was also editor of Him Monthly (aka Him Exclusive), published from 1976 thru the early 80's, I think, which also produced the film). This mixes film and new (at the time) video effects. Lots of foreplay, the tape builds towards the end (and that's when we see the climaxes). Somehow he got COLT model Toby to come out of retirement for this film (who also did a cover for HIM), but oddly, TOBY's presence wasn't the advertised angle; rather, Morgan Winner (a good looking man, don't get me wrong!).

The version I have up for auction, and you won't see any difference in the clip I've posted, is called JOCKSTRAPS LEVIS & LEATHER from the infamous FRAT HOUSE BOYS (they did lots of amateur, hidden camera, that sort of thing, in the 90's), and has a few xtra minutes of footage from some uncredited boxing/wrestling/sucking on the mat thing, plus 95% of the original film - I can't tell what besides the original credits are missing. It's an odd little thing that I've hung on to for about 2-3 years deciding how, and whether, to sell.

Of course, eBaying this tape (god knows the auction might be over (4pm Wednesday) by the time you read this.

Now, here's my semi-monthly (short-version) rant on HIS VIDEO, which now has the rights to this tape. Look - LOOK, DAMNIT! at the cover they use for the video (left, below) then compare it to the original packaging. Then, consider that TOBY (TOBY's face pic is #3 above, cockpic is #4 above; plus on backcover of original 1982 box, 3rd pic below, he's top left in leather, bottom right about to suck some cock - who doesn't want to see TOBY suck cock?), 70's huge uncut COLT porn star fuckin' TOBY is in the film; TOBY who has only ever done 4 films in his entire friggin' pornstar life; TOBY! who AL Parker, fuckin' GOD of PORNSTARS Al fuckin' Parker told Rip Colt when he first signed with COLT that his dream, his fantasy, his ultimate scene would be to do anything with TOBY! (which they did in Chute soon after that), that THE reason he singed with COLT was that it had his fuckin' idol, TOBY, in it. Now, look again at that lame-ass twinky shaved body model cover (who isn't even in the friggin movie, ferchrissakes!!) and tell me I'm making too big of a deal over these folks who have NO RIGHT TO OWN THESE MOVIES they can't market correctly!! Really, who would you rather have sex with, or at least watch have sex? And if, which is OK, you'd rather have watch the twinkyguy in the HIS pic, well, TOUGH SHIT! cuz he is no where to be found on that tape!