Thursday, May 12, 2005

This Universe of Men

One of a zillion reasons why I am so unfocused and scatterbrained is that, well, OK, I don't know WHY, I just know there are about a dozen or so things on my mind at the moment, and this inability to focus on just one and get it over with (i.e. those two bills that are past due, and I have the money in the bank, just stop typing this, write out the checks, stick it in something and lick something and ....) plus I have this stack of books I need to sell (need the $$$ desperately, and need the shelf space, too), but each thing I feel the need to exhaustively research before posting! Partly because I don't want to be underselling something valuable, or - egad! - something rare or hard to find; plus I really strive to give as much info as possible to the potential buyers - the way I like to buy stuff online, ya know?

Anyway, I think this book, This Universe of Men, "a collection of erotic science fiction tales" by Greg Logan and illustrated by R. A. Shultz (Firsthand Books, 1992) is out of print. But that alone doesn't help me figure out if I should keep it, save it as a gift for some so far unrevealed collector friend, or just get it over with and post in on eBay. Grrrrrrrrrrr!