Monday, May 09, 2005


director: Al Parker (1984)

Starring: Al Parker, Cole Taylor, Tico Patterson, Vincent Thomas, Rydar Hanson, Michael Charles, Drake Woods, Ed Wiley (AKA Myles Longue), Greg Girrard

Al Parker's take on virtual reality. In this great little film from 1984, men sit down in a chair, pull on some space-age goggle-thingees, plop in some coins, and select from a menu which fantasy they'd like to see (partake in). Pornstar, Fireman, Father, Restaurant (yeah, seems odd, but when you view the clip with waiter Tico Patterson, you'll see it's pretty cool), etc. Trivia fans will notice that's Al Parker and his lover, Steve Taylor (bearded), at the next table, watching the three-way progress. Too hung over (thanks, Chas) to say more - enjoy!

Of course, eBaying this.