Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Steve Anthony, where are you?
I'm just terrbile about following up on stuff here, ain't I? Remember this post back in April, where I asked if anyone could name the two pictured men - i quickly got a response on the first one (Corey Monroe, I shoulda known that) but I also got a fairly quick repsonse on the second, as well. But I never bothered to post the answers, silly me. And then I got an email from a fellow blogger saying he is fairly certain he had had sex way back when with the second gentleman, Steve Anthony. I promised I'd post a clip, as the helpful young man who identified him mentioned he's in Steve Scott's classic film, Non-Stop. And then, by the end of April, a gentleman from Israel sends me this picture, asking if I can identify the film it's from - and it's several photos from the same magazine I've had in my hands for several years, trying to identify the film - arrrrgggghhhhh! But I can't find any film that has Daniel Holt, Steve Anthony, and this black guy, so maybe it was just a photo shoot without any actual film involved. The mysteries of porn.... Anyhoo, all that is background to the following clip, which is the beginning of a very hot 3-way between Casey Donovan, Steve Collins, and mustached mystery man, Steve Anthony. Note the first few seconds, an "establishing shot" showing a plane flying past the World Trade Center, so you know our star, Steve Collins, the airline steward, is in Brooklyn Heights, NY. And If you're all good little boys, we can post the actual sex scene later.


Director: Steve Scott (1984)

Starring: Casey Donovan, Steve Collins, Daniel Holt, Eric Ryan, Steve Anthony, Peter Ware, Mark Leonard, Steve Peters, and Jorge Rodriquez

And, of course, my eBay auction for this video - item #180009311307, ends this afternoon!!