Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sir, Yes sir!
When you think of Kyle McKenna, you think - "Sir, Yes Sir!" - right? Well, in this flick, he's doing the siryessir bit with some latex-wearing Australian sitting on his face. mmmmmmmmmmmm, Australian-Latex-Face-Sitting...... mmmmmmm


Director: RON SEXTON (1998/2000)

Starring: Kyle McKenna & Andrew Lennox

"If you tingle at the sight of tight, shiny latex wrapped around beefy muscles and huge ones - then Latex Sex Fight is now on your "must have" list! Aussie Andrew Lennox (from Australian for Leather, Sextortion, Fetish Sex Fights 3, Tightropes 30 , and others) squares off against mid-western beefcake Kyle McKenna (Reform School Confidential, The Academy, Skuff, Homosexual Tendencies and many others) in this loser-gets-f*cked rubber fantasy. It's obvious McKenna likes to be dominated, because the nastier Lennox gets, the more McKenna gets turned on."

And, of course, my auction for LATEX SEX FIGHT - item #180008983696, ends this afternoon!