Sunday, July 16, 2006

dirty books

I know i should metnion that these dirty books are going up for sale tonight, with links, descriptions, background, etc. But I worked until after 1am, and am going in for work again in a few minutes (10am) so, well, maybe some other time.

Maybe some a brief blurb on GREENLEAF CLASSICS: "Like most gay publishing houses they (GREENLEAF) published under a variety of imprints including the Ember Library, Late Hour Library, Nightstand Books, Adult Books, Companion Books and Pleasure Readers and different publishers are often listed on the copyright page. All Greenleaf books are identifiable by the satyr next to the price on the cover and on the spine. They usually have great cover illustrations, and are often better reading than many other pulps of the time. Greenleaf novels tend to be set in a "homotopia," where no one is straight and characters stumble into one sexual encounter after another without danger, fear, or for that matter, without even really trying."