Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So here's part 2 - See part one below. I love this film - big big cocks flopping around everywhere, actual acting that's believable and just enough to move things along, and great NYC locales - rooftop sex, West Village pick-up, and of course, the notorious West Side Piers. It's not the only porno flick that was filmed there (Killing Me Softly and Pier Groups, which oddly just came in the mail today, come to mind...) but the Daniel Holt / Steve Collins scene is great, just great. Collins is walking down Christopher Street, stops to look in the window at All American Boy, and realizes Holt is cruising him. So he continues down the road, this time following Holt all the way onto the West Side Piers. Several long shots from the outside looking at Holt and Collins doing it on a broken down window sill...ahhhh, just so well-made! OOPS! And here I go, and that's not even the scene I'm showing - oh well, you're not reading this anyway, you've already clicked the pics and ---- don't complain about the faulty video, its stops in a place or two, but I just couldn't redo the whole garsh darn thing again, OK?