Saturday, August 16, 2003

The city was officially back at 100% power last night at 9:03pm. My neighborhood got electricity at 9pm. Sheesh! God knows what work will be like today, as the restaurant is in the same neighborhood, and I don't have any idea if they'd be in any position to actually open to the public. Was certainly an odd 29 hours.

Thursday afternoon, like many others, when the power went out, I thought it was just me, then I thought it was just my building. Not til I got outside, and heard some loud popping noises, and smoke rising from the stacks at the power station over on 14th st, did I realize it was much bigger. And it took a long distance phone call to my Mom to actually hear how extensive the outage was. Leaving the building a bit later, I ran into TABBOO! (um, how embarrassing i can't remember his 'real' name, as he wasn't actually TABBOO! when I saw him) - standing at the building's entrance, reciting the names of all the states and cities without power; then he jumped into the street, helping the kids play in the fire hydrant's powerful rush of water out into the street. By about 6pm, in Tompkins Square Park, I ran into the man who fled to Maine last week; turns out he suddenly got the urge to return to Manhattan Wednesday night. We wound up spending the night together, part of it here, and part of it over at his place. The best part was sitting up on his roof, away from the noise (yes, the city was kinda noisey, everyone sorta in a celebratory mood, drinking, hooting and hollering, and car radios playing music), and enjoying the darkended skyline, and the bright moon shining down.