Wednesday, August 13, 2003

I hate lube. Some innocent (as far as I know) man grabbed my cock the other night with a glob of lube on his fist, and I just squealed loudly like the girly-man that I am. He jumped back about 3 feet, and I ran into the bathroom to wash the foreign material off my body. Yuck. I mean, I realize that for some of you folks who do the fucking-thing, it's necessary; but why use it for jacking off? And worse, doesn't having the darn stuff on your cock preclude getting blown? Or is the stuff edible? I guess I just prefer old-fashioned spit. It must be something from my teen years, but spit works - and lube on my cock is probably the fastest way for me to lose a hard-on. And going down on someone who's been stroking with lube - egad! what a nasty mouthful! I think I'm getting all cranky sitting here in my boxers and trying to save money with the air-conditioning off. Time to get out of the house.