Tuesday, August 12, 2003

in dating news.....
No, I'm not dating anyone. Dating is just for losers, anyway. Guys who can't find their way around a backroom with broken glasses, or who need to know the last name of the guy lying next to them in bed. I learned my lesson with the French guy - 2 dates and he flees the country! But a guy did leave me his phone number the other night. I had peddled up to The Eagle Wendesday night for PORK, and saw some handsomish man looking in my direction. But there was this other guy in between the two of us, and that guy was looking at the other guy, so I couldn't really tell if I was getting cruised, or if these two were making nice-eyes and I couldn't tell from my side of the dark dingy room. Eventually the guy in the middle gave up, and the original guy sorta was staring into space, so I bolted, roaming around the increasingly sparcely populated bar. But later, as I was slowly maneuvering around the handful of couples making out downstairs (beer does that to men), the guy flashed a big ol' grin that I couldn't misinterpret, so I said "hey". Blah blah blah, he suggested we go to my place; I explained I was on the bike, and lived on the Lower East Side. But he was up for taking a cab and meeting me. We walked a few blocks, then he hopped in a cab, but not before one nice kiss, and I sped off. When I finally got to my block, there he was, having gotten out of his cab only a few seconds earlier.

So, as the sun seemed to be rising a few hours later, and this man is jabbing at me "I gotta go, can I leave my number" I mumbled and pointed, and he scribbled something, kissed me, and I heard the door close. I managed to find the number later, but thought I should give it a few days. I finally called yesterday, no answer, but I left an approrpiate message - "can't wait to see your cock in my face again" - just kidding. Actually, I don't think I saw his cock near my face that night, but I digress. When I got home last night, there was a message. Press play, and "hey, great to get your message, but I'm out of town right now, in Maine." At first I thought - aww, how sweet, he called right away - then I'm like - what's with all these guys meeting me then leaving town?