Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Summer Of Love

Thanks to the reminder from Bloggy and Mr Wagner, I dug out this flyer TABBOO! handed me the other day. He was going downstairs, me going upstairs, when he asked my opinion about which flyer looked better - I picked this one, as it was more colorful and easy to read (and no, I didn't notice that "legendary" is spelled wrong, nor would I have mentioned it if I had), he handed it to me to keep, but when I asked WHEN he'd be performing, it was a vague, "Saturday afternoon, um, sometime." I said I worked 'til 5pm, and he said, "oh, it could be later, who knows?" But having WIGSTOCK back home in Tompkins Square Park is a wonderful dream come true. But I totally can't beleive they can have the whole thing in only 2 hours - but we'll see, won't we? WOO-HOO!

It's the summer of love, love, love
I'm in love with love, love, love
For everyone transcends here
I'm thinking of you boy
Love energy is giving us a shove
Making this the summer of love