Wednesday, August 06, 2003



OK, so this isn't the clip I planned, but it's just as well. That one from Harley's Angels was just too long and slow (which could be ok if describing something else). This is from one of my favorite film studios, Nova Films. While I usually go for the classic, story-oriented films, NOVA is best known for their "loops" (8mm films, usually 10-15 minutes in length), with no dialogue and the barest of story-lines (i.e. Man sees man naked through binoculars, then sees another man join naked man, then he joins the couple). Most importanly is the cum-shot - more often than not it's on the face, and usually each model has two or even three (!) in a single scene. For Main Attraction, we've even got disco music, product placement, and 70's fashions. What more can you ask for?

Starring: Bo Richards and Jeffrey Scott (The Main Attraction); Giorgio Canali (aka Georgio Canalii, Rocco Rizzoli) and Bill Curry (It's The Life); Jon King, Buddy Preston, and hairy Brad Peters (Neighborhood Watch).