Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Somebody made me a delicious iced cafe con leche last night at work, so of course I couldn't get any real sleep til after 7am this morning. Construction down the block woke me up at 10:30, and now I am struggling to do laundry, post some auctions (even on NaughtyBids), ready some packages for shipping, and I just took a quick peak at my 2000 video BJ Does It Again (no, I don't whack off ot my own videos, it's for a freind, long story)and it made me laugh to hear the Donna Summer song and "strobe effect" I used for a brief few seconds wearong leather pants (well, some of me was poking out, but you'd have to see the video to see that). How's that for a run-on sentence?

Did I mention I am selling some str8 porno? Titles like Surrogate Wife, Wanda's Whip, etc. Man! Some of this shit is sick sick sick! Here's a sample:

"Angelique was not a naive young girl coming to New York like so many others. Angeligue had a past. She knew how to use it. She could use the experiences that she had had. She wanted to make it pay. Angeligue had been f*cked at the age of ten by her father, not a month after her mother had died. Not that it had gotten into her small... "

Oh no!! and that was just on page 1!! It's this book from 1969, written by Liza Darling; you don't suppose it's.... naw. I dunno, maybe I should keep it. Oops, time to check the dryer.