Tuesday, January 06, 2004

I love this still from one of my all-time fave porn flicks, Steve Scott's WANTED. Speaking of Bijou Video (for those of you paying attention, that's where I grew up, at the Bijou Theatre in Chicago. Once I turned 18, it was legal to see porno flicks, and I quickly became addicted to this place. Still around, and now one of THE places to find vintage porno videos....... but I digress again...) Where was I? Oh, this past weekend I was able to help someone locate a porn flick he appeared in many years ago!

The other night I got a cool email from a guy thanking me for my page on Arthur J. Bressan, Jr. Turns out he (Robert Adams) starred in two of Bressan's early films, Passing Strangers (1974), and Forbidden Letters (1976). Of course I was very excited to hear from him, and wrote back right away. After a few emails back and forth, he said he was in just one other porno flick, "it was called "Do Me Evil" directed by, oh man, I can't remember, but he wasn't on your list. Toby Someone?" Well, you know me, I quickly got to work. Of course I knew he meant Toby Ross, did my Googling, and found the Bijou Video page for Do Me Evil with the video, a few stills, and even a brief film clip. Needless to say, he was excited to get the info, and I even think he's ordering the tape. The next day, he writes and says searching the Bijou data base, he found a great pic of himself with Richard Locke from Forbidden Letters. I then searched my own archives of stills, as I remembered I had posted a clip from Passing Strangers a while back - the only one I had of Mr. Adams was the one to the right here, and I sent it to him, hoping he wouldn't be offended that it was just a dick shot (from the trippy hippies jumping-up-and-down scene). Fortunately, he liked it.

OK, guys, time to take my last few sips of coffee, brush my teeth, and get some chores done.