Friday, January 23, 2004

These are just some stills from these "amateur" videos by Bobby Garcia. His work is sort of in the lines of Old Reliable and Dirk Yates - that west coast give a str8 guy a beer and a few bucks and he'll whack it for ya genre. Doesn't really work for me, but it's still fascinating to watch these. Some say Garcia only released these for commerical use when he needed some dough for legal fees when the Marines went after him; otherwise they were made just for his personal enjoyment. He's often in the frame, either just walking past the guy(s) to get to the bathroom, or to wipe up a mess on a guy's stomach, and yes, he does try to get some of the action, when he can coax them into it (that's his ass in the last frame). Sometimes you can even hear him off-camera on the phone, while the camera is rolling and some guy is trying to get hard and do his jack-off scene! I hope to post the 2 tapes I have on eBay this weekend.