Monday, January 05, 2004

Owwww. i'm sick; but in that murky not-really-sure-what's-wrong way. Earache, headache, awful churning burpy tummy. I think I have multiple little annoyances happening simultaneously. So of course, I get a phone call from some guy I gave my phone number to about 2 weeks ago, asking to go out for a drink. The answering machine got his message, so I have yet to actually talk to him. Yuck. I mean, I feel yucky, and don't exactly want to blow him off, but don't want to be a crab-ass and tell him I feel yucky-sick. He's only visiting his parents this week on his way back from Brazil (going back to Paris, I think). He's a big boy, furry, and from what I remember, had a hefty, pretty piece of uncut meat. Shame I have no appetitie for meat, or anything else, at the moment. sigh.