Wednesday, January 07, 2004

So, fifteen minutes after BurritoMan leaves the restaurant last night, I realize - IT'S TUESDAY! - his routine is Wednesdays... and on occasion Mondays, so what the heck....?

It was a hellish night at work, for some reason the to-go cook decided to close down around 8:15, just as the dinner rush is kicking in. Delivery guys are yelling at me, I eventually get the manager's attention, the phone is ringing off the hook, within 20 minutes the kitchen seems to be back to normal, but the "where's my order" calls start coming in. In the middle of all this, my co-worker has to run to the bathroom, I'm answering the phones, packing bags, and taking orders at the counter. I answer the phone, and I hear "Hey man, I'd like to place a pick-up order" - I think it's him, but it's too crazy to take his order at that second, so i say HOLD PLEASE, and place the phone on the counter so no one else picks up the call. When I get back to the call, "What can I get for you today?" of course it's chicken, black, guac, and hot sauce. Something in my head forces out "Is this E___?" remembering his name from about 6 weeks ago when I first got the nerve to ask for it, but never actually used it. "yeah, man" Gosh I love when he says that. I just need to ask the right question next time (hehe). So I tell him "a bit crazy in here at the moment, but we'll see you in about 10-15 minutes, ok?". So I laid the groundwork, he knows I remember him, and his name, and and, um.... oh yeah, he says "Cool, man, see you then."

For some odd reason, when he gets there in 12 minutes (what, like I wasn't counting the minutes??) I have no co-workers around me, I'm on the phone taking an order, he walks in, I smile as big as I can without looking like a lunatic, he wheels in a bike, which I don't remember ever seeing before, he approaches the counter, I'm trying to keep some eye contact while focusing on the computer screen and someone's desire for delicious Mexican food served hot and with enthusiasm. Oh, this hand is free, I'll wave. Why am I waving at him? He's all of 2 feet away, I stop waving, I finish the call, hang up. "Hey, man."