Friday, March 19, 2004


"Cum Crazed Criminals!"

directed by: Ansel Rainier and Vincent DePaul (1989)
Starring: Beau Beaumont (Batdude), Kevin Young (Throbbin), Danny Bliss (bar pickup), Ken Bower (The Poker), Mitchell Cook (Alley Hangout), Eric Degiorgio (chained slave), Marc Peugeot (Sugar Kane), Robert Reyn (The Peeper), Frank Strong (The French Tickler) , Manuel Javier Gomez (Mountain Captive).

Oh gosh, what to say? It's hard to tell if Beau Beaumont is doing a great job being bad, or just plain bad. And then there's the age-old porn problem - letting the actors speak. The "Peeper" has such a thick accent, it definately adds to the fun.