Friday, March 12, 2004

Yup, I do occasionally sell stuff that isn't porno. But I do think all the above titles, with the exception of John Rechy's The Vampires, is gay-themed (his might be bi-ish, I think). Help me clear off these overloaded bookshelves, please?

Bullets I read several months ago, and thoroughly enjoyed (I have a copy to keep), Consenting Adults - I just watched the made-for-TV movie with Marlo Thomas and Martin Sheen late the other night - you know the author is the same one who wrote Gentleman's Agreement. I remember watching the film years ago and having that "why is it always from their perspective" feeling - but the other night was actually the first time I started to think about how my queerness might've affected my folks. Oddly, I don't really know; I told my Dad by letter - he responded quickly by phone in an amazingly positve way, and I assume he broke the news, officially, to Mom. But I was 22 then, already moved here to NYC, but they must've thought about it for years before then, there were plenty of signs.