Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bill Ward

Do not adjust your TV set. Still gay; still porno-crazed; still rambling; definately not straight - not even curious. BUT - I am selling these two Command Books which have some cool - if hard to look at cuz it's got all this nakedy woman-y stuff - Bill Ward illustrations. I was only familiar with his name cuz he did a comic for Drummer magazine - entitled DRUM. But apparently the guy's been doing his thing for decades! Seeing these, I never would have imagined he'd done "pin-up" style illustrations in the 50's - but here ya go - The Glamour Girls of Bill Ward. Funny, I was searching GOOGLE for the name "Bill Ward" but then narrowed my search to find the gay stuff - so I used "BILL WARD + DRUMMER" - not realizing there's some Black Sabbath guy with the same name. Scarier than the str8-sex-pics! Anyhoo --- here's more samples, and a pic of the artist himself.