bj's gay porno-crazed ramblings

Saturday, March 06, 2004

I hope the posting of these pics from mags I'm selling isn't too boring for folks. Sure, I'd love y'all to go to the auctions and BID! BID! BID!; but I also think some of these pics are amazing - the men so handsome, or the photographer capturing something that just sticks with you. So for the above pics, if you click, you'll get the larger image version, rather than a link to the auction. Both are from the same magazine - CIAO, October 1974. While both are different sorts of men and poses, both say the same thing to me: balls.

I try not to think how long it's been since my face has been buried in a nice set of balls (9 weeks, 2 days), but I have to say that it is an act I enjoy even more than cocksucking. Perhaps its the aroma - balls are more likely to have a nice bit of sweat that teases the nose while enticing the tongue. Maybe it's the teasing of the cock - dangling just above, waiting for attention but still enjoying the activities just below. And size isn't such a big deal here - while "low-hangers" are often spoken of, what really matters is the effect of your mouth, your tongue, your facial hair pushing into the set of nuts that drives your partner crazy. Small or large, low and loose or close and tight - it's the sensation you give your partner that makes ball-licking so f*ckin' enjoyable - making hiim squirm, moan, yelp, beg you to stop, plead with you to continue.....