Wednesday, March 31, 2004

OK. bits of details are coming back to me. The oddest part is realizing, after being awake for several hours, that the pajama bottoms I'm wearing have a big hole - a split at the butt-seam. I mean, it's perfect for... well, anyway, I haven't a clue how it happened. I know I came home alone. I know I woke up alone, and I know this rip wasn't there the day before when I wore them. Back to my night out. I mentioned to the delivery guy at work, the one who works with me til the end of the shift, that I had wanted to go out for a couple beers, but the rain was discouraging me. But, at midnight, as I am counting out, his says it stopped raining, and asked if I was still going. He wound up coming with me, and although I didn't say explicitly it was a gay bar, he must've known that. (He's married, a couple of kids) So I basically hung out with him for the first 3 beers, talked about work, his kids, he liked the music, the cheap beer, and we both admired a few tattoos. He left, I stayed in the same spot, the crowd was thinning. Finished up the 3rd beer, and it was either grab another, or go home. So I go the bar, grab a stool, order my 4th. I happen to be next to the DJ, and his computer. A different guy comes up, seems to take control, and the music improves. Couldn't tell you who the music was by, it was just good, late night, real instruments with good rhythms, making me tap my feet, etc. I got up to go the bathroom, its a teeny tiny space with two urinals, and the tiny stall just past the urinals. Do my business, make sure both balls are still there, then turn to leave. But there's a guy at the urinal, who smiles and says "hey man" and I return the greeting as I pass by, wash up, and leave. Turns out to be one of the DJ's, the handsomer one. I kinda regret not saying more than "hey man" back, and I can't go talk to him now, cuz DJ's, bartenders, etc., are supposed to be nice to you, so if he's nice, I wont know if its professional nice, or nice guy nice, or interested nice. So I stay in my seat, continue enjoying the music, the vibe, the crowd getting thinner. I hear the bartender/manager say to the DJ's something about they can wrap it up, and some god-awful song, CONVOY, is played. I cant help laughing, but not in that "isn't this kitschy" laugh, but more in the "isn't this awful" laugh, then head back to the bathroom (I'm on beer #5 at this point.) When I come back, I see someone I know talking to the DJ's, so I say to him, but loud enough for them to hear "I guess they want us to leave, this is awful" and he smiles. A few minutes later, after they've packed, the guy I know asks them if they are boyfriends. The handsomer one (Urinal Guy) says nothing, and the other says, "Well, we are boys, and we are friends, but..." Again I think maybe I shoulda been friendlier in the bathroom. But a few seconds later, they are saying their goodbyes, and Urinal Guy says to me, as he reaches to shake my hand, "Hey we haven't met, thanks for coming, maybe you'll come back" I stammer something about "you said hello in the bathroom" he looks puzzled, smiles, and they both get going. Nice smile. Big Boy. Maybe I'll go back.