Monday, March 01, 2004

Dated Dean, Married Kerry?

Remember that catchy slogan from the early days of the Democratic Presidential primaries? I can admit now that way back when, I was actually flirting with the idea of voting for Dean. Despite differences on important issues like capital punishment, after listening to him speak many times, and seeing him interact with voters on those C-Span shows, I thought I might just get over my he-must-be-perfect idealism. Fine, we'll go for another Clinton, someone who's smart, has demonstrated fiscal responsiblity, seems open to discussing the problems with such things as the death penalty, etc., etc. But he's gone, and now we're all supposed to jump on this he-can-beat-Bush bandwagon. Marry Kerry? Need I remind people that not only is that illegal in most parts of this country, but the groom himself is against same-sex marriage. I just don't see why, so early in the process, we're so eager to give this man a free pass. He is unable to come up with anything on same-sex marriage except "I feel it's just between a man and a woman" and "this is just what the Republicans want - wasting our time discussing issues that divide us." I am just so tired of hearing these guys address the nation, and speak as if I, and other gay people, aren't part of the crowd that they are trying to woo, and lead. Screw you!

So tomorrow is the next round of primaries, finally one I can vote in, and we've got the usual dreadful choices. The two top contenders arent even being contemplated by me - so my choice really is between Mr Kucinich and a write-in. Last time I did a write-in for a democratic party primary, the 149-year-old lady at the voting place was quite irritated, and demanded to know if my candidate is a member of the Democratic Party. When I simply said, "Yes, I am" she foisted the big precious piece of paper in front of me, wouldn't let me borrow her pen to fill it out, and walked away. I'm such an evil voter, not playing by the rules. I gotta tell you, Kucinich only looks good on paper. He seems to believe in all the same big issues as me, and there is no hesitancy in his arguments. But he is a scarey man in person (or at least on TV.) The other night, when he stopped mid-answer during a debate to try to get Larry King's attention, and King was like "Dennis, I don't have to make eye contact with you to hear your answer" - Kucinich didn't even get it - that he wasn't addressing King, but us, the voters, watching on TV.

So, I suppose tomorrow I should arm myself with my own pen.