Saturday, March 13, 2004


directed by: Taylor Hudson - aka ChiChi LaRue (1992)

Probably my two favorite early 90's porn actors, Cliff Parker and Aiden Shaw were in perhaps 6 or 7 videos together (Command Performance , Grand Prize, Dirty Dreaming, Summer Buddies, etc) - but I believe this is the only scene they did together. It's one of the better examples of the dreaded "cum on my cheek" scenarios. While I understand the rationale for doing it on the cheek - it's safe, you still get the cum shot and the bottom's face - it's just that it so rarely looks good. Usually the actor is suddenly tossing his face into the action sideways, grimacing with his eyes sealed shut, waiting for the gooey onslaught. It just looks articifial and unappealing. But here, while the side-of-the-face bit still looks artificial, Cliffy genuinely looks quite interested in getting Aiden's load on his face, and those extra few licks just before Aiden shoots, plus Aiden pulling Cliffy up for the kiss afterwards, make it a much better than average scene.