Wednesday, May 19, 2004

face man

Gosh, I remember 5 years back and first getting my computer, going online and finding I could get dirty pics. I would stay up so late, and get up early, and search all over, and BOOM! found Steve Kelso's page Hairway to Steven and of course clicked and saved nearly every pic (we will forgive him for some of the underwear choices - just look again at his face, and almost anything could be forgiven, right?). As far as I know, he's only appeared in one video - Intimate Hours - a Colt solo. He's amazingly photogenic, but the video, posing and wearing different articles of clothing and exercising and doing stuff in the surf, just doesn't grab me. It's the still pics, the ones that capture that slight smile that get to me. The reassuring, ageless boyfriend-material face - you just know you'd love looking into his eyes into your (his) 70's, 80's, and beyond. Yeah yeah yeah, I know, if he didnt have a great hairy body, beautiful cock, tasty balls, sweet ass, (I could go on) he wouldn't have become a COLT model on his face alone. But it's the face that keeps you looking, and dreaming....

Last night I stopped by BIG LUG, despite the threat of rain in the air, the likelihood of bad music, and the fact that BEAR NIGHT seems to end just after midnight, when I get off work (why can't bears stay out late on Tuesdays? I dont get it.) But I grabbed a beer, found a wall to lean against, and watched the crowd. At one point I see this guy, bearish as advertised, maybe only an inch or two taller than me, a couple years older maybe, and several pounds and waist-inches bigger. Basic white t-shirt, levi's outfit, but with a pair of leather suspenders snuggly hugging his torso. Longish salt-and-pepper full goattee. He walked past once or twice, seemed to have a nice face, as well; and that's that. But later, while talking to some guy I had briefly met the other night, we walks towards us, pauses as he gets to us, and plants a nice kiss on my mouth, our face-fur intermingling for a mere moment. But giving me the chance to really look at him, and of course taste him (nuts. he tasted like nuts), those few seconds gave me his sweetly confident smile, this face that makes you wonder "what if?" Sometime later he passed by again with some guy, mumbled something about having to go, but same sweet smile, which gave me this nice buzz that stayed with me the rest of the night.