Tuesday, May 04, 2004

we have a winner
This is why I am totalfuckingly addicted to the internet: I get home last night, and am simultaneously checking webstats and email, and get a cool email from Johnman. Apparently he recognizes the music from the Falconhead Two clip I had posted earlier in the day, and correctly identifies it as Jean-Michael Jarre's Souvenir de Chine. As you can tell from the musiclink in the last sentence, I managed to find a copy of it online. I was so excited once I heard it, that I went so far as to find the whole album, taking over an hour just to locate it, and much more time to download it.... but it was fantastic! (And by the way, there are many versions of it, including, egad!!! an amazingly boring and unimaginative updated trance-techo-remixed-bland-dancing-while-tweeking version of the tune, too.) Michael Zen obviously used more than just that one cut, as bits and pieces of the album show up in various parts of the film. I didn't fall asleep until well after 3pm, but with the album playing, remembering long hours at the Jewel Theater on 3rd Ave in the mid 80's, the same music, those flickering images from Zen's film.... (and the slurping and moaning sounds of men - in the seats, in the aisles, in the buddy-booths, behind the screen, in the bathrooms....)