Wednesday, May 26, 2004


If the images don't appear on your computer monitor, it's probably because you havent sent your email yet to the men at BIG LUG - info AT - asking, DEMANDING, a BEAR JOCKSTRAP NITE so that I, er, WE, can enjoy some real MAN-ASS (I found one of the flyers there last night, and apparently MAN ASS is spelled MAN-ASS). I'm f*ckin' serious, fellas; there were definately some men there last night who's asses we should've been able to drool over... (one of my pals did manage to get one guy to pull his trousers down low enough to see that hairy spot just about his MAN-ASS CRACK, quite nice, I must say). And did I mention a sweet man left a jockstrap with the bartender for me? (See previous post) The guy who I was chatting with yesterday, knew he would probably be going to BIG LUG after the gym, but probably not staying til midnight, when I would arrive. Somehow I charmed him into leaving a jockstrap.